Sunnytech Solar Mendocino Motor Magnetic Levitating Educational Model (QZ15) Review

Sunnytech Solar Mendocino Motor Magnetic Levitating Educational Model (QZ15)

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  • Stirlingtechonline is exclusive distributor and the owner of the brand “SunnyTech”—-Please be sure you receive an authentic SunnyTech stirling with SunnyTech logo and only sold by Stirlingtechonline to ensure 1-year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. it’s a already finish assebmbled will receive a finised product exactly as the picture,just take it out from the box, and play.No any drilling or soldiering required.
  • Matters needing attention: A: magnet attraction is very strong, the assembly of the attention, clamps the hand. B: the top end of the rotary shaft part can not be forced into sharp collision, damage will result in equipment failure.
  • C: because it is pure handmade, part of the fixed use glass glue, tape, easily damaged, please avoid excessive force.
  • D: in most cases, this means you need to manually add external rotation, the rest can give light to complete.
  • It is a amazing and fantastic product at this price,it can be a great gift to your families or friends. It also can be used for teaching purpose. Many of our customers comes from school,colleague,etc


Package: sunnytech® package and sunnytech LOGO stickered

Speed:1000 RPM

This is a real solar magnetic levitation motor model,pure handmade, composed of 6 solar silicon wafer, copper coils, shaft, NdFeB magnet, acrylic stent. Can save energy in incandescent light, solar light, the light, rotating in the suspended state, the maximum can reach one thousand rpm is interesting, choose your gift, the practice of science, scientific theory to explain and home furnishings!

1.Why can be suspended?
Fixed two retainer magnet, take appropriate fixed position, as long as the analysis of the magnetic field generated by the two most magnets, you know are bearing magnets in the vertical direction, in fact, in a similar bowl magnetic field, are bearing magnets will slide to the center of the bowl, also is the middle of the two most magnet. supported by an upward.
But it is only stable suspension be lifted up is impossible, even a little bit, will lose balance, then we will be bearing the magnet from two magnet at the center of the retainer slightly outward moving a bit, according to stress analysis of the magnet is another force, the force point to the direction of the movement, so the tip on the support, and outside disturbance can be rely on the support of the local friction to offset that smart, if adjusted properly, the friction will be tiny.
A complete set of magnet suspension device to two group. Two retainer magnets, one is bearing the magnet as a group
2. Why could rotate under the sun?
On the basis of the already suspended, we still need three things to work
4 solar cells 2 set of enameled wire 1 piece of rubidium iron boron strong magnetic
4 pieces of solar battery the shape of a cuboid, solar cells, and face to face is the positive answer in another negative, on two solar cells after this treatment,

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