(10 Pack) SKULLar – Solar Powered Outdoor Halloween Skull Fright Light Review

(10 Pack) SKULLar - Solar Powered Outdoor Halloween Skull Fright Light

  • SOLAR POWER – This fright light utilizes the natural power of the sun to operate. An amorphous solar panel absorbs light during the day and recharges the 1.2V AA rechargeable battery for use at night. This eliminates your need to swap out batteries or install a costly outdoor power system.
  • DECORATIVE – Whether you’re getting ready for Halloween or you just want to creep some people out in your backyard then this light is just for you. Designed to resemble a human skull, this decorative piece will get everyone in the festive spirit.
  • LED LIGHTS – LED bulbs are the newest trend in lighting and can outlast the life of a compact fluorescent bulb by up to 10 times (even longer for incandescent). Traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs produce heat build-up that tends to overheat the area where they operate. LEDs prevent this excess heat output and have an average life cycle of over 100k hours.
  • QUALITY – Made of a high quality resin, this decorative light has been made to last. A sealed design and LED bulb can handle the outdoor elements without the need to constantly replace
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS – Pack includes 10 fright lights; Each light measures approximately 5.5″ x 5″ x 5″

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Stay festive with this 10 pack of SKULLar Translucent Solar LED Decorative Fright Light by Reusable Revolution. Made of high quality resin, this light will be sure to add that creep factor to your front or back yard. The color changing LED bulb will cycle between a blue, green, red, or yellow light so you’ll never get bored. The crystalline solar panel will recharge the included 1.2V AA batteries for use at night. Once removed from the box all you have to do is simply press the on/off button one time and place it in an area that’s highly exposed to sun light throughout the day. The light sensor will then automatically shut this decorative light on or off based on the surrounding lighting. No additional wiring or tools are required. Measures 5.5″ x 5″ x 5″.

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